Yesterday we had a sudden storm with lots of lightning! The animals were afraid and so was I.

Ridge and Tim were driving down the road when a dachshund ran out. Ridge jumped out of the car and tried to comfort her. He was afraid that she was going to be hit and so he brought her home. I posted photos of her on Facebook in our local community page and he made signs to put up.

Later , he put a leash on her and walked her around the area that he found her and she went to a particular gate. They left a note and the owner called to come get her.

Ridge was afraid for the dog but when the owner came, “Sage” went wild. He was very happy to have reconnected them. He came home and said that he had to go to bed because he had gotten so emotionally involved that he was wiped out!

His mind could think of nothing else but trying to protect this dog and the stress of his worry had exhausted him. I think it is evident that he has empathy. If anything he is more sensitive to animals and others.

I am very glad that he was able to recognize his own need for rest too. He is learning to navigate in this world living in his own way with truth and love. Maybe we can all learn from this special group of people.

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