I think that people on the spectrum are great teachers to us mere neurotypicals.  Just this weekend, my son was invited to a friend’s home for a sleepover and to work on a group work project for a school assignment. This is usually stressful because he considers the weekend his off duty time. He really really loves to stay in his room and relax after a week of meeting school and social demands. He justified the experience because:

 1. He needed to go for the assignment.

 2. He has been to this friend’s home many times before and his parents are always supervising and provide foods he likes- pizza and breakfast burritos.

3. He took my cot- tent so he could have his own bed and privacy (he just sets it up inside).

4. He had a 5 pound bag of Jolly Ranchers that I bought him to share.

This may seem odd to NT teenager parent but these plans help him to alleve anxiety and help him to focus.

The family threw a kink in the plans because they wanted to take the boys to a flea market. This was an unplanned event      but Ridge went. He came in with some antique backpack and an “I Love Dachsunds” sign. 

He said he had had a good time and that he even relaxed his normal “work tyrant” attitude. I asked why and he said that even though he has tried in the past to make the group stay on the project , it never worked and just made him angry. This time he said he just tried to go with it. What?????? Did I hear this correctly??

So here is what I think we can all learn to do more of-

  • Be aware of your needs and plan accordingly .
  • Notice your own behavior and how it affects others.
  • When your attempts aren’t working, change.
  • Love what you love!

Thanks Ridge. 

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