Once bitten…

Fear is an excellent tool for survival. It gets us out of danger and makes us think before actions in order to protect the body. Spirit is beyond the body and has no need for fear. 

Our egos love fear because it guarantees jog security.

We have a choice however and don’t have to live at the whim of our worries and fears. Spirit wants you to live with joy and peace! 

This may sound good in principle , but I am not sure if I stay in joy and peace all the time. Yesterday one of our big dogs bit the littlest one. “Winnie” was bleeding and crying and an emergency vet visit was required. The whole scene was dramatic with blood, crying and hysteria. Ridge loves this little dog and seeing her in pain sent him over the edge. (The vet bill sent me over the edge- but at least they took VISA.)

I am so thankful that Ridge has empathy with humans as well as animals these days. Winnie got stitched up and slept in my arms all night. She “told” Ridge all about her pain this morning and wagged her tail at the same time. He assured her that she would be ok and went on to school.

The dog that bit her came in and she wagged her tail. Unlike with people, dogs tend to live in the moment and don’t carry the burdens of the past.

This afternoon, Ridge told me that the veterinary office demanded payment up front because they have had many times that an animal is treated and when the owners get the bill, they just leave-abandoning their pets. He was very angry that a person could do such a thing. (I am trying not to be judgmental here.) I told him that sometimes the cost is just too much. Secretly , I was thinking of the times I felt totally overwhelmed with the “costs” of trying to raise a child on the spectrum.

The world doesn’t really follow the rules that we try to teach people. How confusing and frustrating it must be to a person that is naturally rule governed to live with so many “shades of grey” rather than black and white logistical thinking. It is hard to understand ourselves and even harder to teach how every person has an ego that they are operating from from that is unique. Our goals and objectives don’t always match. We do not perceive things the same way even when we are exposed to the exact stimuli. With this lack of unity, how do we ever  do anything together?

This is where I believe Spirit comes in. The highest part of who we are is connected to everyone else. That part is eternal and it operates from a system that is never divided. There are no differences. This energy is expressed in many forms but the basis is love. This is the connection that we share regardless of if we recognize it or not. It supersedes everything that we think we know.

Maybe this is our calling. Maybe “autism” is on the rise because we have to change and grow in order to understand these new people on our planet. They do not learn the same ways that the average person does.  They are intolerant of the toxins of this world. They are born with super sensitivities that demand attention. We can not simply put them in a boxed, one size fits all mediocre education program. Nope- they force us to be more. They are the catalyst that  “bites” our hearts and directs our attention to question and change the world we live in. Answers are coming that will change everything that we thought we knew about the brain, the heart, and our souls.

We all have access to the infinite intelligence that knows the answers. The trick is in removing our blocks to access this information of higher Truth. We are coming together to strengthen this connection.

So, I am sending an open invitation out to “infinity and beyond” to create miracles for all of us. It is happening! Join up!