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I have been through many of the same things that I hear from parents all the time. We share some common scenarios of issues with doctors, diagnosis, misdiagnosis, school problems, IEP issues, social issues, sibling issues, personal stress and illness as well as major triumphs and spectacular achievements. Things have gotten much better for my son and our family. I would love to encourage and help other parents that want the best for their lives. There are no easy simple fixes, but there are life style changes that can help us. I believe that ASD parents are the true superheroes of our time that will change the world for the better!! I would like for all of us to find the essential truths that will help us to endure and find what is good in our lives right now!

My Qualifications:

I have many years of teaching in public schools Pre K- college. My BS is in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education with a master’s in Gifted Education. I am certified in Special Education, ESOL, and have specialized training in corrective reading. I have home schooled my own 3 children as well. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Applied Behavior Analysis has helped me as well as private clients to achieve behavioral changes that have made lives happier.

My personal experience as a mother, a teacher and a behavioral therapist gives me a unique viewpoint.

I have obtained a life coaching certification and am always learning as a student of A Course In Miracles as well as whatever shows up along my path.

My three children have been marvelous teachers along with our extended fur family of horses, dogs and cats. (As a military family, we have lived in many states as well.)


One on One Coaching-3 or 6 month commitment that includes weekly call where we address:

  • creating a self-supportive space to find resolutions
  • navigating the strange new frontier of Aspergers with as little conflict as possible
  • co-creative solutions that serve the higher good
  • developing a community to resist the effects of fear, doubt, despair, anger and slow progress
  • personal internal work


Group Coaching-Small Steps to Take Right Now!

…coming August 2016


Online Classes-coming Fall 2016

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