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Asperger’51yqlVf8RtL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgs Miracle tells the triumphant story of Ridge, a boy who has overcome
many negative symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome. Told through a mother’s point of view,
this book details Ridge’s journey from birth to recovery. From a sensitive infancy and
delicate early life, Strange relates the sacrifices, struggles, and hard work that they, as
a family, went through to give their child a normal life. From diagnosis, to medications
and therapies, she shares the methods and the
most effective therapy they found for Ridge. Here,
Strange reveals how Ridge’s journey brought her to
reach into the depths of her character to find that
miracle for her son.

Patrice Strange has a BA in elementary education and a MS in gifted education as well as certification in special education. As a military spouse, she has taught in a variety of states serving pre-k through college levels. She is the mother of three unique children each with their own special talents including the youngest child with the Asperger’s syndrome diagnosis. She furthered her education by taking certification courses in Applied Behavior Analysis and has been mentored by Alan Cohen as a life coach. Patrice brings a warm blend of humor, authenticity, and wisdom within her profession to bring a message of hope and inspiration to others by sharing her family’s triumphant experiences with a child on the spectrum. Her interests include video self modeling, equine therapy, and celebrating life with friends and family. This is her first book.